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Instant MentalRay preview for Maya

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New features in SprayTrace 1.1

A new update of SprayTrace has just been released and brings with it some key new features for for faster ways to preview your Mental Ray scene.

Watch the videohighlights of SprayTrace 1.1 below

New features include:
Priority render region
Under cursor priority rendering
Zoom to region
Pause/Resume rendering
Save image
Linear workflow is now supported
Beta SSS shaders support

Plus a wide range of fixes and further Mental Ray features support. Existing customers can download the updated product from their store account. The updated demo version is available from the Try It section of the site.


Here’s the full list of changes since previously released version: 1.0.49

New SprayTrace 1.1 Features:
Support for linear workflow.
Click and drag a priority render region. (disabled for demo)
Under cursor priority rendering (75x75pixels). (disabled for demo)
BETA support for SSS shaders.
New function buttons when you hover bottom right on the SprayTrace view:
Zoom to the priority render region. (disabled for demo)
Pause/Play rendering. (disabled for demo)
Save the SprayTrace image as a PNG, TIF, JPG, TGA, BMP, GIF, IFF. (disabled for demo)

Bug Fixes and additional Mental Ray support:
Much improved support for displacement.
Added lightmap generation and this takes advantage of multiple cores.
Added shader blacklist (initially misss_physical). SprayTrace does not support misss_physical, but now using this shader does not crash SprayTrace.
Fix to Maya Plug-In to handle direct IBLEnv deletion, previously this crashed SprayTrace.
Fix to Maya Plug-In for displacement shading group elements.
Implemented mi_colorprofile_ciexyz_to_render to support cie/blackbody light shaders.
Corrected triangle sideness.
Fix to prevent shaders with multiple outputs corrupting preview render.
Fix to prevent SprayTrace starting if manually closed on new file open.
Fix to prevent SprayTrace starting if manually closed on new file open if SprayTrace button is clicked multiple times.
Fix to correctly handle non-floating point frame buffers.
Fix to mi_sample_light for area lights with final gather depths above one.
Change mia_material_x_passes to mia_material_x shaders to prevent potential crash with back face culling in final gather scenes.
Changed Maya Plug-In button icon files from PNG to BMP to support older versions of Maya.
Fix to secondary bounce final gather environment evaluations.
Fix to Maya Plug-In to prevent update when a non-render camera instance changes.

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5 Responses to New features in SprayTrace 1.1

  1. Nate says:

    GPU accelerated?
    What video cards are supported?

    • SprayTrace says:

      It’s actually CPU only. So no special GFX card required. The demo videos was created on a modest spec machine. Just a single quad core processor.

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  3. rodolfo damaggio says:

    I’m playing with the Trial and I like it.
    Will I be able to render and save large rendered images, like above 4k with the full version?

    • SprayTrace says:

      We just render at screen resolutions, if you can display it, you can save that image. We dont do offline hi-res rendering right now.

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