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Instant MentalRay preview for Maya

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SprayTrace vs Maya IPR

This video perfectly shows exactly why our users are loving SprayTrace. We show Maya IPR in action with a simple MentalRay scene and then open up SprayTrace for a direct comparison. See the difference – imagine how much faster you could set up your scenes with the blazing fast SprayTrace feedback. Also this video is made on a low cost 4 core machine – nothing fancy, no special GFX cards.

The main SprayTrace advantages over Maya IPR for MentalRay scenes are:

  • Changes to the lighting, materials, textures and camera settings happen really really fast in SprayTrace. Once your scene is loaded it’s held in memory and SprayTrace only updates changes, meaning most of the time the change occurs instantly – no need to re export the scene in any way.
  • Material updates only refreshes the parts of the image that have changed, SprayTrace doesn’t start the whole render again from scratch like IPR.
  • SprayTrace renders fast using progressive updates – giving maximum useful feedback for the artist in the shortest time possible, whilst refining to a high quality result over time. So no need to pre-decide the quality of the preview – just give it time and it gets better and better.
  • SprayTrace doesn’t choke Maya interaction – dragging on sliders and making changes in SprayTrace isn’t obtrusive, you won’t find the SprayTrace session slowing you down or making sliders jerky.
  • SprayTrace is very stable and in the unlikely event it crashes, 99% of the time it will not crash Maya. This is the advantage of it running outside of your Maya session.
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